Creative weekend

It has been one crazy busy weekend already. My mother-in-law called Thursday night to see if I had plans for Friday as she was planning on going to the 2012 Creativ Festival in Toronto. I already had plans to go to the Crayola warehouse sale but figured my father-in-law properly wasn’t too keen on going to the festival so I offered to go to Toronto in exchange for him watching my pre-schooler … I mean it was “I love yarn day” after all. As suspected he quickly accepted the offer. So shortly after the rush hour craze we were on the train and headed to the Festival, it was lots of fun and naturally I returned home with a few skeins, perfect for a Koigu Linen Stitch Scarf.

I wish I had more pictures to share but there was big sign forbidding cameras so I made sure to tuck mine deep in the diaper bag (because really who wants to go digging in there). Mini-man did great on his first big adventure with mommy and nanny, I see many train rides in his future.

As soon as we got back home we were on the road again. Literally picked up my girlfriend on the side of the road and we were off to the warehouse. It was after 10pm by the time we finally returned home and tucked the Fab Four into bed. I distinctly remember my father-in-law saying “they should sleep till noon” … haha 7:30am and we were alive and kicking again. I tried my best to entertain the boys with a movie while I slowly sipped my coffee and regained some of my energy. I had promised the Fab Four we would go to the warehouse and they would each get to buy a few things for school. So back on the road we were. Needless to say after carrying mini-man on the train and at the festival in the babywrap, then at the warehouse in his carseat and again this morning, while chasing his 3 active brothers I am ready to put my feet up and enjoy a hot cup of apple cider from the local mill. I’m contemplating some knitting … hoping I won’t have to tink tomorrow
My sample knit is coming along great. I finished the first of the two-piece set, can’t wait to show off the finished project.

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