I believe I have what can only be called cast-on-itis. It is that thing knitters get when they finish a project and all of a sudden there are all these options for the next project.  You see I have been working on this beautiful shell-cardigan set, for almost 2 months:

The pictures truly does do it justice it is beautiful. I finally wrapped it up and sent it off to its new home today … which means my needles are currently empty. OK, so maybe all my needles aren’t empty, I am sure if I looked deep into all of my hiding places I would find a few (possibly double-digits, but don’t tell the husband) WIPs. However, isn’t part of the reward of finishing a project that you get to cast-on a new one? Now if only I could narrow down the options. Sure there is that shawl I started on Saturday trying to quickly whip up a shawlette for the husbands grandmother before she went out of town. Unfortunately, that wasn’t in the cards as she moved up her departure and there was just no way I would be able to finish it in 2 days … what with 4 kids and a baptism, yeah not that much knitting time I am afraid. Though it is about 50% done and I probably should just finish it. Then there is that pair of socks I wanted to knit for my mother-in-law for Christmas … however that involves knitting my first ever pair of socks. I know it is “just socks” but “turning the heel” just sounds intimidating. Oh but I also thought it might be fun to make my brother-in-law a pair of thrummed mittens. You see he plays pond hockey and one of the other guys on the team convinced his mother to knit them toques last year and scarves this year … so he needs the mittens to go with it and what is warmer than thrummed mittens? On the flip side I could be completely selfish and start on my linen stitch scarf.


So many options! I never was good with choices

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