Getting ready for the holidays … or maybe not so much

I really, I mean really should be getting ready for the holidays. My husband and I always host a traditional Danish Christmas Eve dinner at our house. So I should be calling the butcher to make sure we can get the roast and probably the duck also. I should be wrapping presents … actually I should finish knitting the presents. But as you may have guessed I have been side tracked, this time by cookies.


You see next week is the annual potluck lunch at my dear husbands work. The husband doesn’t cook and I would like to spare them having his contribution be a bowl of KD. Not that there is anything wrong with KD, it is a staple in our household but it doesn’t exactly spell out “Merry Christmas”. So because I love my husband dearly I have agreed to his request of royal icing decorated cookies. So the little men and I made a trip to the store today to get supplies. Tomorrow we will bake and Friday/Saturday we will decorate. Wish me luck, with 5 cookies thieves in the house I am going to need it if any of them are going to make it till Monday.

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